Marcus & the Bridge Foundation

Youth Empowerment Services in Nigeria

One of our Remarkable Participants is realizing his dream, and created his own foundation in Nigeria.

During his intensive training at the IISE International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs, Marcus was able to learn and experience what is needed to become a social entrepreneur. Knowing is one thing, but knowing is not enough, you must do! And that is exactly what Marcus did with setting up the Bridge Foundation. Click here to download the brochure.

Last week we had a skype conversation with Marcus and we where so exited to be connected again. We had received mails of his progress and undertakings and we are so proud! The big smile on his face and the vibrant energy that surrounds him is hard to ignore! He worked hard to get things in place, and is collaborating with other organizations in realizing this beautiful project.

The organization is called the Bridge, which stands for youth empowerment. His mission: “To bridge the gap that exists between the marginalized youth and the mainstream society”

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